How to operate a computer…

With motor coordination disabilities?
Without moving or articulating fingers?
Even without moving the limbs?
Designed with an innovative approach,
Key-X enables individuals with any kind of
motor disabilities to use computers and
mobile devices to their full extent.

Key-X is a keyboard

By tapping on two different buttons in sequence, you can enter any character and command.

For instance, to type letter ‘A’, simply tap the blue button followed by the yellow button.

Key-X is a mouse


When the special button marked with an ‘X’ is activated three consecutive times, Key-X starts to operate as a mouse. Then, each of the eleven keys assume the functions of moving the pointer, single and double clicking, dragging and scrolling.

Four buttons move the mouse pointer horizontally and vertically. Tapping a button starts moving the arrow and a second touch stops it.

Mouse -The red button slows down the pointer.

Mouse +

The green button speeds it up.

Cliques site

The buttons on the upper row perform different clicks.

Key-X in mouse mode can also scroll the screens up and down.

Key-X for whom?

Key-X is capable of turning the use of a computer or mobile device fully accessible to physically challenged people, including those with the following disabilities:





amongst other functional limitations.

Key-X works in scan mode with any adaptive switch

Key-X can be used without touching its buttons. With adaptive switches like a-blinX, the device allows the control of computers, smartphones and tablets even with the blink of the eyes.

And it requires no software installation at all.

*Adaptive switches and accessories are sold separately.

Endless possibilities

Key-X does not require any dedicated software or drivers to be installed. It is natively compatible with any underlying operating system. As such it allows full access to all resources of computers and mobile devices (see FAQ), including:

Text Editors

Graphic Applications

Social Media



among many other applications, allowing for the inclusion of disabled people in a wide new world of possibilites.

Where to buy

Key-X is available at the online store:


1.Does Key-X work on any computer?

Yes. Key-X is compatible with any computer with an available USB port running Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 or later), Linux, Android or Mac OS.

The use on Mac OS has minor limitations such as the absence of the “Command” key.

2.Does Key-X work on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones?

Yes. Key-X works on any Android mobile device that has the USB On-the-Go (USB OTG) feature. In other words, Key-X is compatible with any tablet or smartphone that allows connection of external USB devices.

To use Key-X on these devices, you must use a USB-OTG adapter easily found in computer stores.

3.Does the use of Key-X require any special training lessons?

No. The use of Key-X is easy and intuitive, and the device comes with a friendly instruction manual.

4.How can Key-X be operated with an external switch?

Key-X has a special input for connecting any external adaptive switch, allowing it to be controlled without touching its buttons.

In this operating mode, each button’s individual light turns on in sequence, one at a time, with a timing delay defined by the user. Then, all the user has to do is to activate the external switch when the desired button lights up.

Thus, by using the most appropriate adaptive switch for each individual, Key-X can be operated by people who do not have sufficient motion capabilites to carry out active movements to reach the panel buttons directly, allowing full use of the computer even for people with the most severe functional limitations.

5.Does Key-X require installation of any software for it to work?

No. Key-X is fully Plug-and-Play compatible, and does not require the installation of any software. With this product, the user can use all the features of his/her computer or mobile device to the fullest, including any text editor, spreadsheets, presentation software, web browsing, social networking and even games.

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